Open iT® Elastic Licensing

Our solution for ISVs to enable “pay per use” and other consumption-based compensation models

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Flexible and Transparent Product Pricing


Unlocks the ISV's capability to provide the most flexible pay-per-use licensing model, and allows the ISV to offer a real usage-based licensing model that is secured, easily integrated, and ensures a positive experience for the customer.

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Superior Usage Monitoring Tool


The solution leverages TrueUse™ technology which powers Open iT's end-user solutions for analysis of software usage patterns and program management.

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Secure Approach to Shared Usage


The ISV and the customer securely share usage data collected at the customer site using Open iT's proven metering technology.

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Full End-To-End Solution


Spans the solution range from a simple, compact and highly accurate usage monitoring tool to a fully automated system connected to the ISV's existing order and billing systems.

Enables usage-based customer agreements based on true metered use.

Core Benefits

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Fits all customers

From single to global sites, from on premise to cloud.

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Minimum disruption

Compatible with existing licensing mechanisms.

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Rapid launch

Integrates into ISV’s existing order and billing systems for revenue recognition.

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Rich reporting

Detailed usage reports show actual use of the ISV's software.

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Dashboard status

Monitor current usage of all the ISVs software.

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Trusted framework for flexible licensing

Shared usage information securely enables pay-per-use.